12 February 2013


Hello there,

today in UK is Pancake day, and one of my favorite chefs, Jamie Oliver, uploaded this recipe on twitter, I tried it, and they came out just perfect! I will not post the link, but if you search for Jamie and pancakes, I am sure you will find it!

You need

One cup of self raising flour
The same cup full of milk
A pinch of salt
1 egg

For the filling, you can have them savory or sweet, we had them with salmon, salad, and ham!

Mix the ingredients until you get a smooth batter

Add one small ladle to a hot pan previously buttered
Check underneath the pancake: when it is golden brown, flip it and keep cooking until both sides are crisp and delicious.

Keep going until the batter is finished.

(you can pile them up on a plate and stick them in a warm oven, around 60 degrees Celsius, until you are ready to eat).

Buon appetito!

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